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80% of people feel the phantom vibration of the phone

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The use of technology is causing new syndromes. Judge have felt the vibration of the phone and be a false alarm after all is one. It is after all a common reaction, which occurs in 80% of the users. The syndrome of phantom vibration, as it was called, occurs frequently and is not a serious problem, says a researcher at the University Sheffield, Tom Staford, according to an article published by the BBC. Feeling phantom vibration seems to be, in fact, a natural reaction of the brain, which prefers to meet a suspicious sound than stay without knowing whether you have received a message. Psychology explains the phenomenon by Signal Identification Theory. Basically, before a stimulus, there are several possibilities: it has produced and the brain decides what happened; that has not happened and the person decides that did not happen, or that the brain has been wrong and identify that there is a stimulus when it happened and vice versa. The circumstances in which this question triggers does the rest. If we are in a place where there are similar sounds more easily happen. The predisposition, as waiting for an important message, also the power. Another new behaviors associated with mobile phone use is the NOMOPHOBIA, anguish caused by the inability to communicate by phone, whether due to lack of network breakdown or have lost your phone. Vulgar is still the “phupping”, which is nothing more than ignore someone in a face to face meeting to be reading messages on the phone.

6th April 2016

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  1. I always tough i was the only one that felt that

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