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Apple announced on Monday a new ” smartphone”

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The new phone has the dimensions of the iPhone 5S, 4 inch, but the processing power of the iPhone 6S. The model is in stores March 31 and will be available in 31 countries by the end of May. The reference price in the US is $ 399 for the 16 GB version and 499 for the 32 GB. The new iPhone, shrunk in size, it is big inside. It has an iSight camera of 12 megapixel with video capabilities and 4K 64-bit processor, A9. According to Apple, the battery life is better, getting to be twice as durable than the 52. The latest iPad is also smaller than the iPad Pro. The new model has a rear camera of 12 megapixels and a front camera for “selfies”, 5 megapixel. Of course, video 4k. Available in four colors, comes for the first time rose m. The new iPad Pro prices range from $ 599 (about 530 euros) for the 32 GB version and go up to $ 899 (797 euros) version with 256 GB (the largest ever in Apple). In between, an iPad with 128GB for $ 749 (664 euros).

6th April 2016

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  1. 4” is too low for a smartphone, probably 6 will be better.

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