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FBI available to help local police to unlock iPhones

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A memo from the FBI revealed by US media points to the availability of federal police investigation to assist state and local authorities to unlock Apple’s smartphone in court skills. In a letter signed by the head of the FBI for institutional relations, Kerry Sleeper, the agency confirms that obtained a tool to unlock the iPhone 5c one of the authors of the attacks of San Bernardino and states that “will do everything to help” partners “of according to our legal and political constraints. ” “We commit ourselves to keep a dialogue open with you. We are together, “reads the document obtained by BuzzFeed site. The Washington Post noticiava on Friday the existence of an intense internal debate at the agency in relation to a possible collaboration with the state and local police. At issue is the secrecy of the technical acquired the margins of legal battle with Apple, maker of the iPhone, and the fact that the police now requesting access to the tool have to to forcibly turn on the seat of judgment, according to rights targets research defendants. This disclosure by any of a local branch decrease the already scarce potentially life time of unlocking tool. According to the Washington Post, the technique consists of exploiting a system vulnerability that makes getting around a feature that erases all contents of an iPhone after ten failed attempts of the phone access code insertion. Thus, with the aid of a computer able to generate and introduce millions of possible combinations of the four-digit code, unlocking an iPhone becomes a matter of time. This technique, however, should not be available for a long time, since Apple and several computer security companies working full-time to identify and fix vulnerabilities as it is now being explored by the FBI. While active, however, obug is a potential risk to users of the iPhone, since it can also be exploited by criminal groups.

6th April 2016

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  1. Apple didn’t helped fbi unlocking iphones, don’t think that was a good idea.

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