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HTC Vive Is Latest Virtual Reality Product in a Growing Market

The virtual reality hardware market is getting more crowded.

On Tuesday, HTC became the latest tech company to make a virtual reality system available to consumers, reports Brian X. Chen. HTC’s product, called the HTC Vive, is a headset that connects to a powerful computer, letting people play virtual reality games and other virtual reality content.

The HTC Vive arrived just a week after Facebook brought its Oculus Rift virtual reality system to the masses. There has also been a smattering of other virtual reality products out in recent months, though some of the systems are less immersive than the Rift and the Vive, including the Gear VR developed by Samsung Electronics and Facebook’s Oculus.

Yet the sudden flood of virtual reality products does not mean that virtual reality has totally arrived, writes Mr. Chen. There is a dearth of virtual reality content and many of the products are expensive, especially because most have to be connected to computers and some can require other accessories. In other words, we are still in the early innings of the technology; the uses of virtual reality still need to be worked out.

6th April 2016

2 responses on "HTC Vive Is Latest Virtual Reality Product in a Growing Market"

  1. I thank the htc for giving me the opportunity to experience the HTC Vive. I had already tried other virtual reality glasses, and none of them are at the level of HTC Vive.

  2. Didn’t like that much, i think they can improve the resolution

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